Deepfake AI Bot: Unveiling the History, Mechanics, and Implications

Deepfake AI Bot

In the rapid growing technology, deepfake is a phenomenon that has been seen in recent times. Deepfakes include videos, images, audio or other media created with the help of AI. It is also known as deep learning or deepfake AI bot technology.

Deepfake has gained a lot of popularity after an unknown individual from Reddit employed an AI driven program. In which the person can overlay the face of a famous celebrity onto the body of an individual. In this article we are going to deeply study about the history of deepfakes, legality, how it works and many more.   

History of Deepfakes AI Bot Technology

Deepfake AI bot is the latest technology innovation, it has its origins with the manipulation of photographs by using programs like Adobe Photoshop. In the mid 2010s, to increase the efficiency of deep learning of algorithms, cheap computing power, AI, large amounts of datasets and machine learning technology were combined. In the year 2014, GAN is the which used to lie at the core of deepfake photographs. It was invented by the University of Montreal from the Researcher Ian goodfellow.

In 2017 an unknown member of Reddit dubbed deepfakes and also began producing deepfake videos of celebrities. A GAN tool which helps users to change the faces in their videos. The photographs and videos went viral on social media and the web. Due to the rapid increase of deep content that has risen in tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

Despite the lot of efforts made by the government and  the tech companies to take action against deepfake content . Solve the challenges faced while detecting fakes but the technology develops and creates more fake images and videos. 

Legal To Use Deepfake AI Bot Technology

With the growing use of AI technology around the world. The problems like exploitation of AI technology has increased for criminal purposes. Finding out whether it is legal or not is quite difficult because of AI technology because it depends on the intended user.

If the tool is utilize for identifying thieves, virtual forgery, privacy infringement and other criminal acts, then it is considered illegal. If you are using the tool to just have fun and having the consent of the person, then it is legal to use.

Rules and Regulations of Deepfakes in India

The excessive usage of deepfakes are rapidly becoming a huge problem and it is used by cybercriminals to spread fake information online. But some laws can be passed to stop threats from creating false photographs and videos. In India under the IT rule all the platforms have to remove all the content consisting of fake or made by using deepfake within 36 hours. The IT ministry of India advised social media platforms imitating some online is unlawful.

According to the laws Section 66D under the Information Technology Act of 2000. Under the IT rule, it is prohibited to post any content on social media that resembles someone’s identity. The social media companies have to delete artificial and altered images. 

Steps Taken By Other Countries To Stop Deepfakes

Several countries around the world have passed laws to stop the threat of fake technology. The European Union has released guidelines to establish an independent fact-checker network. The network will assist in analyzing the sources of the content.

In the guideline issued by EU tech companies like Google, Meta and X have to take measures to solve the problem of fake account on their platform. China has issued their guideline for the users and the service  provider. In which the manipulated content which uses deepfake technology can be identified. The US has also launched a Multi-party deepfake task force act to combat the fake technology. 

How Does The Fake Work?

Deepfake includes two methods such as a generator and a discriminator, to design the content. The generator handles initial learning datasets based on the output they want and creates the fake content. The discriminator lifts how authentic or fake the material appears. The whole process is repeated, which lets the generator get better and realistic content.

The discriminator becomes experienced in identifying the mistakes and allows the generator to correct them. The generator and discriminator produce a generative adversarial system. GAN provides deep learning to detect the image pattern and use the pattern to make fakes.

How Does The Fake Work?

While producing fake images, the GAN system analyzes the whole photograph. Through different angles to capture all details of the image. While making fake videos, the system analyzes the speech, motion and the behavior pattern. Then the details are pass to the discriminator several times to refine the authenticity of the video.

The deepfake AI bot videos are create by using two methods. One you can use the original source from the subject. In which the person is made to act and say things or change their face to target an image. It is also refer to as the face swap.

Methods To Create Deepfake

The following are the method to create deepfakes, that you should know about:-

  1. Source of videos: If you are working in aboriginal source of video. A neural network based fake autoencoder which analyzes the content to identify the pattern. The content is analyze to identify the characteristics of the person including the body language and expression. Then the features apply into the video.The autoencoder consists of an encoder that encodes the important attributes and a decoder who applies it to the video.
  2. Audio fakes: To generate an audio deepfake, the GAN system copies the sound from an audio. Then it develops a model of the vocal pattern and then the video to all the voices. Video game designers often use this method. 
  3. Lip syncing: It is the most common step to include deepfakes. The fake videos, images, and audio generate an illusion that the person appearing in the video is talking.

Impact of Deepfakes 

The following are some areas where deepfakes have impacted and you should know about to stay safe from deepfakes:-

  1. Blackmailing: The most common use of deepfakes is for blackmailing. The image of an individual is replace with another one. Mostly used in engaging in sexually explicit,fake scenarios and many more. The image or video can damage the reputation of the victim. 
  2. Fraud: Deepfakes is also use to gather the personal data of an individual. The details can be bank account details and credit card details. It can cause a significant risk in the personal information of a person.
  3. Political manipulation: Fake videos and images of politicians are create to influence the public opinion and spread a negative agenda. Just like the fake video of Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelenkyy has confused many individuals during war. 

Positive of Deepfakes  

Deepfake has always been controversial because it exploits the personal information of a person. Since it is a technology which has also has some advantages with it, that you should know about:-

  1. Digital Selfies: Through deepfakes people can create their own deepfake including selfies, AI avatars, memes and many more. 
  2. Teaching Assistant: Teachers can also use the AI technology to produce information about historical figures and many more learning methods.
  3. Visual Effects: Deepfake is adopt by the television industry to generate real-looking characters at a low cost. 


Deepfake AI Bot has gathered a lot of attention into the internet for its negative impact. It creates convincing images, videos and audios which feels like authentic details. It create a entirely original content where an individual is represent saying and doing those that they didn’t do. Deepfake is the rising danger in today’s world which spreads false information of an individual.  

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