Explore Best Toilet Paper In The World in 2024

Best Toilet Paper In The World

When it comes to toilet paper people usually prefer to buy cheap and convenient toilet papers. Which ultimately leads to feeling rough or by using pricey toilet pacers that don’t hold up. You also want to choose that toilet paper that dissolves easily and doesn’t clog the pipes or cause a septic disaster in the toilet. In the recent few years, the Good Housekeeping Institute Textile Lab has taken samples of more than 30 types of toilet paper. The properties of the toilet papers that came out from the test are dissolvability, softness, dry strength, wet strength and absorbency. They also measure the thickness, and visibly inspect the paper to detect defects like ply separation and pilling. Calculate how easily the sheet will tear off.  Are searching for a plushest toilet paper, quick dissolving and more sustainable. Then in this article we are going to talk about the best toilet paper in the world. 

Best Toilet Paper In The World

1. Berkley Jensen Ultra Soft Bath Tissue

Berkley Jensen toilet paper has one of the best values in terms of market and quality. The toilet paper has passed the absorbency test, received a perfect score and also soaks up water more than other toilet papers. It is a two-ply toilet paper which can be easily dissolved within a few seconds, which means it is a safer option for your septic system. Berkley Jensen ensures the quality of the toilet paper and it is free from pills and ply separation.


  1. Scores high for the softness 
  2. Dissolves Quickly 
  3. Aced absorbency tests


1. The toilet paper is not as strong as other brands when it is wet. 

2. Great Value Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

The Walmart brand provides a good quality of toilet paper which cannot be resisted. The toilet paper also ranks higher for the thickness and perfect score for dissolving quickly. The toilet paper is stronger in the dry strength test, but is a bit weaker when it is wet. In case you find the toilet paper out of stock  online for shipping, but you may still be able to buy it online and then pick it up from a local store. 


  1. The toilet paper has high ranking thickness
  2. It top marks for the softness 
  3. The toilet paper can easily be dissolved


  1. The toilet paper becomes weaker when it becomes wet

3. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

There are a lot of toilet paper brands available on the market which claim to be best toilet paper in the world, super plush but nothing stands to the expectations of the users. The two-ply construction in the toilet paper is strong and has the highest strength when it is wet. But the high strength means the toilet paper doesn’t break down when it comes in contact with the water. It can cause clog to your septic system or old plumbing, but you can use the toilet paper if you don’t have plumbing issues. The toilet paper price is quite affordable. 


  1. It has top rating for the softness by the testers and the lab equipment.
  2. It gives thick and plush feel 
  3. The toilet paper has high strength scores. 


  1. The toilet paper doesn’t dissolve easily and it can cause a clog in your septic system. 

4. Scott Small Core High Capacity Bath Tissue

The toilet paper is for those individuals who are looking to shop in bulk. There are 36 rolls in each pack along with 1,100 sheets per roll. As per the online ratings the reviewers described this pack of toilet paper as long lasting.The toilet paper is two-ply, but it is on the thinner side. Unlike other toilet papers it has one feature, which means that the brand can fit more sheets. But it will make it problematic to slide over the toilet paper from the holder. The toilet paper has received high scores for dissolving into the water which makes it less sensitive for septic systems. 


  1. It has more than double sheets per roll than other toilet papers.
  2. The toilet paper also stands dissolvable.  


  1. The toilet paper may not fit into certain paper holders.

5. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

Cottonelle is proven to be one of the best toilet paper when we talk about the wet and dry strength scores. The toilet paper has a perfect score in the visual analysis with no evidence of pilling. It is a two-ply toilet paper with a creased texture to help in cleaning. The toilet paper is one of the most absorbent papers in the test. It is still soft despite being a plush texture, but it is slow in dissolving. The toilet paper is still quicker than the plushest options. 


  1. There is no pilling or layer separation.
  2. The toilet paper has a high absorbency score.
  3. It has a rippled texture which helps in cleaning.  


  1. The toilet paper is slower in dissolving. 

How To Test Toilet paper 

The following are some methods to test toilet paper and find out the best toilet paper that ones can use:-

  1. Absorbency: Submerge five sheets of each type of toilet paper into the water, to check the amount of water each sheet can handle and absorb.
  2. Strength: There are several different ways to evaluate the strength of the toilet paper which includes wet and dry tests. You can use a Mullen Burst tester to measure the force needed to break through five sheets of toilet paper. Then layer the five sheets together and place them in the instron machine which is used to calculate the perforation strength. To check the wet strength you can use an Instron machine and a Finch Cup to wet the paper.  
  3. Dissolvability: To check whether or not the toilet paper will dissolve once you flush. Drop a sheet of each toilet paper into a specific amount of water and then set a speed. Record the time taken to dissolve the toilet paper. 
  4. Thickness: Put together 10 sheets of toilet paper on top of each other and then measure the thickness from a caliper. 
  5. Visual Quality: Examine each type of sheets visually and note if there is any defect in the toilet paper like ply separation or pilling on the surfaces. 


Through this article you can find out the best toilet paper in the world to use. Before selecting the toilet paper check the softness, absorbency, dissolvability,  dry strength and wet strength of the toilet paper. Mainly inspect the defects like pilling and ply separation and evaluate how easily the sheet can be torn. The toilet paper should not clog your pipes and cause a septic disaster when you flush the toilet paper. Find a suitable and worthy toilet paper that suits your skin and doesn’t cause skin problems.  

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