Bahsid Mclean Selfie : Reality Behind the Viral Video

Bahsid Mclean Selfie

An photo showed a man posing with his mother’s severed skull. It went viral on social media, including Reddit and Twitter. The photo showed Bahsid McLean, a 23-year-old from the Bronx, violently killing his mother Tanya Byrd. He did it with a power saw. A law enforcement source leaked the photo to the New York Post. This caused much outrage and contempt. But why was this horrible deed done, and what happened to McLean once he was apprehended? Here’s the horrifying history behind the Bahsid McLean selfie.

Reason of Tanya Byrd Murder

Bahsid McLean was one of the three children born to 52-year-old home health worker Tanya Byrd. She and her son, who was seven years old and had Down syndrome, resided in a modest Bronx apartment. Her relatives and friends described her as kind. She dedicated her life to her work and her kids.

Yet, she had a difficult and contentious relationship with her eldest son, Bahsid. Bahsid has a history of mental illness and aggression. It has landed him in psychiatric facilities for most of his life. He faced charges for robbery, violence, and having firearms. He also had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Bahsid had a history of verbally and physically abusing his mother. He had also threatened to kill her several times.

What happened on That day?

Bahsid and his mother got into a furious fight at their residence on February 24, 2013. Bahsid’s confession is that he used a steak knife to stab his mother in the neck. Then, he dragged her body to the restroom. After that, he chopped off her head, limbs, and legs using a power saw and placed the body pieces in trash bags. Using his phone as a camera, Bahsid Mclean took Selfie with his mother’s head in front of the bathroom mirror.

Disposing of Body Parts With William & Involvement of Police

The next day, Bahsid asked his buddy William Harris for assistance in getting rid of the body pieces. He explained to Harris that he had to get rid of the dog since it had murdered. Unaware of the real nature of the crime, Harris consented to assist him. They filled a shopping cart with trash bags and scattered them over the area. But a bystander saw them, saw a leg protruding from one of the bags, and phoned the police.

Upon arriving, the police discovered Tanya Byrd’s horrible remains. Police also found a power saw and a bloodied shower curtain in one of the luggage. They also detained Harris after tracking the luggage to the apartment where Bahsid and his mother lived. They had also stolen Bahsid’s phone. It held the damning proof and the Bahsid Mclean Selfie with his mother’s skull.

The Court Trial

Bahsid McLean was accused of unauthorized dissection of a human body. He was also accused of second-degree murder and impeding prosecution. Bahsid McLean entered a not guilty plea, arguing that Harris was the true murderer and that he was not. He also said he was mentally unwell. He had been hearing voices in his brain since he was a little boy.

However, the prosecution produced a lot of evidence against him. It included the power saw, the Bahsid Mclean Selfie , the confession, and the DNA testing. Additionally, they said Bahsid was not mad. They said he was a ruthless, self-centered killer. He killed his mother out of anger and bitterness. They said that even after his mother moved out, he kept the selfie as a keepsake and a means to poke fun of her.

Punishment For Bahsid McLean

In November of 2016, a jury found Bahsid McLean guilty on all counts after a two-week trial. His sentence ranged from 25 to life in prison. The court called him a “monster” and a “sociopath.” They said he had not shown grief or compassion for his victim. Harris was sentenced to three years in prison for impeding the prosecution. Harris helped law authorities and testified against McLean.

Aftermath and the Reaction of Bahsid Mclean Selfie

The Bahsid Mclean Selfie taken is among the creepiest and most well-known images that can seen online. The image and its story shocked, horrified, and disgusted social media users. It garnered a lot of shares and comments, especially on Reddit and Twitter. Also, many people advised others not to see the photo. They said it could cause severe grief and trauma.

The image has sparked a debate. It’s about the ethics and legality of media publishing such graphic, offensive images. The New York Post used the photo. It was capture by a law enforcement source. They put it on their main page with the headline “Sicko’s grin in mom beheading.” This sparked anger and condemnation. Some people condemned the publishing. They said it exploited the tragedy. It violated the victim’s and her family’s right to privacy and dignity. Others argued that the image supported the newspaper’s right to press freedom. It also served the public good by discouraging crime.

Tanya Byrd’s friends and relatives were appalle and shock by the murder and the image. They complimented Tanya, saying she was a kind, generous woman who didn’t deserve such a harsh, unnecessary end. They continued by saying that, despite their best efforts, Bahsid refused to take medicine. He also refused to get help for his mental issues. They declared their want for him to rot and suffer in prison for what he had done.


Bahsid Mclean Selfie disgusting and horrible is the epitome of human cruelty and depravity at its lowest. Another horrific and terrible incident is a mother who was murdered by her own son because he didn’t think her life was worth anything. Millions of people across the world have been appalled and incensed by the image and its backstory, and it has also sparked debate about how the public, the legal system, and the media should handle crimes of this nature and their perpetrators.

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